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On Assignment: Toufic Araman’s Sunset Resort [Stoppers]

On 12, May 2015 | No Comments | In INTERIORS/HOTELS | By Toufic


To photograph the resort area of Sharm El Sheikh, in Sinai, Dubai-based photographer Toufic Araman spared no effort.

He lit the hills. He lit—individually—the area under the area under each of the dozens of umbrellas on the normally dark beach. With an ingenious hack, I might add. He even lit the boat.

And he did it all without a single strobe, as he all but apologized to me later. That’s right, this is all done with continuous lights. And it wasn’t easy …


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By Toufic

The Fairytale of Galaxy – Silkier Feel

On 05, May 2015 | No Comments | In ADVERTISING | By Toufic

Nelly Karim, Toufic Araman, Galaxy, astudio

Once upon a time, in a far away galaxy, there sat an Egyptian actress and star named Nelly Karim who wished to ride a Ferris wheel overlooking the entire kingdom.

But how is that possible? She lived in the woods with no means to go to the kingdom more so hop on a Ferris wheel.

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Exquisite Trinkets – QELA SS15

On 21, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In STILL LIFE/PRODUCT | By Toufic

Qela Photo Shoot Qatar 3It’s all in the details. Some of the simplest, most beautiful imagery comes from the most complex beginnings. Bringing back the essence of seventeenth century Dutch Golden Age still life oil paintings, Dubai-based fashion photographer, Toufic Araman, has teamed up with a group of creative minds to give life to a series of elegant and rich photographs launching the new Qatar-based luxury brand, QELA.

Not quite synonymous with art and fashion, Qatar would not be first country you think of when you hear luxury fashion brand, but now is the time to keep your eyes on the region. Qatar’s art and fashion scene is flourishing and it is brands like QELA that will put it on the map.

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By Toufic

Kill Bill with a Kar Wai Wong twist – produced by astudio, shot by Dubai Fashion Photographer Toufic Araman

On 09, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In FASHION | By Toufic

What do you get when you combine the melodramatic lighting and cinematography of In The Mood for Love with the feisty action scenes of Kill Bill?

You get Dubai fashion photographer, Toufic Araman’s latest fashion shoot genius exploring the vivid contrast of lights, darks and hues from In The Mood for Love at the same time setting an ambience for Tarantino’s characteristic play of emotions—from anger to hate to revenge to agony.

The images are the ripples of truth, emanating from a stone thrown into a deep, deep well of creativity.


Kill Bill shoot ARAMANSTUDIO Dubai Photographer

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