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By Catrice Hidalgo

Oryx – Behind the Fashion Scene with Toufic Araman – Fashion Photographer

On 17, Sep 2015 | No Comments | In FASHION | By Catrice Hidalgo

Fashion Shoot in Souq Waqif

Behind the Scenes

Each month Oryx produces a fashion shoot for its sister publication, Oryx Premium.

This month we went behind the scenes with the award-winning Dubai based fashion photographer, Toufic Araman in Doha’s Souq Waqif.

The social heart of Doha, Souq Waqif is known for its buzzing atmosphere, restaurants, and cafés for watching the world go by, and merchants trading fine silks, carpets, spices, textiles, antiques, musical instruments, and Arabian oud perfumes.

There has been a souq on this site for centuries. Recently restored, Souq Waqif features mud-rendered shops, exposed timber beams, and some beautifully restored original Qatari buildings, and remains one of the most traditional marketplaces in the region.

Inspired by Souq Waqif’s unique location, rich history, and vibrant atmosphere, we headed there for Oryx Premium’s latest fashion shoot, and recorded a behind-the-scenes experience of the photoshoot.

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By Catrice Hidalgo

Exquisite Trinkets – QELA SS15

On 21, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In STILL LIFE/PRODUCT | By Catrice Hidalgo

Qela Photo Shoot Qatar 3It’s all in the details. Some of the simplest, most beautiful imagery comes from the most complex beginnings. Bringing back the essence of seventeenth century Dutch Golden Age still life oil paintings, Dubai-based fashion photographer, Toufic Araman, has teamed up with a group of creative minds to give life to a series of elegant and rich photographs launching the new Qatar-based luxury brand, QELA.

Not quite synonymous with art and fashion, Qatar would not be first country you think of when you hear luxury fashion brand, but now is the time to keep your eyes on the region. Qatar’s art and fashion scene is flourishing and it is brands like QELA that will put it on the map.

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