Our #1 goal as one of the top Dubai photographers production services agencies is to turn your ideas into a tangible, living and breathing piece of work. We can help you from creative direction, casting, locations to delivery of the images or videos. We will make sure everything is in order so all you have to do is tell us what you want – we do the rest!

Here are some feats we’re proud to say that we accomplished for other valued clients in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Egypt and Lebanon.

✓ Photographed a Siberian Bear in the world famous Red Square
✓ Obtained a permit with 30 minutes’ notice for breathtaking photos from the Pinnacle of Burj Khalifa
✓ Managed to get a lion inside Abu Dhabi Airport (past security) for a photo shoot
✓ Arranged and photographed a romantic honeymoon dinner that the newly-weds will not soon forget on a private, desolate island in Dubai
✓ Lit a yacht hull in the middle of the sea (in the middle of the night),
✓ Organized a child birth
✓ Lit 10,000 candles glowing peacefully in the middle of the desert
✓ Drove Two 60-ton cranes down a 2km sand road
✓ Made a creamy coffee foam from Fairy
✓ Built a tower of Biryani rice
✓ Choreographed herd of 10 dressed up camels, rotated 10 degrees to the left
✓ Synchronized water droplets into the shape of a heart

aramanstudio is in the business since a decade. We are a Dubai photographers production services agency with very strong regional reach. We’re locals so we know every nook and cranny in the area. We know what it takes to provide you quality while still remaining innovative. We speak 6 different languages so that you can communicate your vision with ease.
Contact us today and we can help you make it happen.